UPDATED - 26th February 2020
(League Week 5 Results.)

The Walkley Friendly Pool League is played throughout the pubs, clubs and snooker halls of Walkley, Sheffield.

League matches are played on Monday evenings, beginning at 8:30pm and are played over the best of seven frames,
the first five of which are singles match ups and the last two of which are doubles match ups.

League Week 5 Results

La Plata 'A' retain top spot with a win, 6-1, away at the Jubilee.

The Staffordshire are still level with them on points after their win, 5-2, against Minnie's.

La Plata 'B' bagged a perfect 7-0 victory against... an unidentified team.

The Spot On are charging ominously up the table, they won 6-1 against the Riverside.

The civil war raging at the Forest ended in two point for the 'A' team who won 4-3.

Ivy Sadler Team Knockout First Round

The Jubilee won the first Team KO match of 2020, 4-1, to reach the quarter finals.
The Staffordshire also recorded a 4-1 victory to move on in the competition.

The Ivy Sadler Knockout draws and results can be viewed on the Ivy Sadler Knockout page.

Mid-Season Registrations and Deregistrations

The Jubilee have registered J. Ibbotson. (17-02-20).
The Jubilee have deregistered S. Doyle. (17-02-20).
The Staffordshire have registered S. Brunie. (17-02-20).
The Staffordshire have deregistered D. Higgins. (17-02-20).
The Staffordshire have registered W. Snee. (29-01-20).
The Staffordshire have deregistered R. Shaw. (29-01-20).
Minnie's have registered M. Hawksworth. (23-01-20).
Minnie's have registered R. England. (23-01-20).
Minnie's have deregistered T. Mosley. (23-01-20).

The list of registered players can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

February Meeting

The Ivy Sadler Team Knockout first round draw was made.
The draw can be viewed on the Ivy Sadler Knockout page.

Every team attended the meeting.

Welcome to Minnie's, who have joined the WFPL for the 2020 Season

The Walkley Friendly Pool League Facebook Page

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will receive updates for fixtures, results, knockout draws, meeting reminders, and other news.

WFPL Facebook Page

Congratulations to the Singles Knockout Winner 2019:
J. Hardcastle

and the Singles Knockout Runner Up 2019:
P. Smith

Singles Knockout Final

J. Hardcastle took the 2019 crown with a 5-2 final win.

Singles Knockout draws and results can be viewed on the Singles Knockout page.

Congratulations to the Andrew Hulley Doubles Knockout Winners 2019:
B. Wild and J. Wild

and the Andrew Hulley Doubles Knockout Runners Up 2019:
L. Jackson and P. Smith

Andy Hulley Doubles Knockout Final

B. and J. Wild are the champions after a 5-1 win in the final.

Doubles Knockout draws and results can be viewed on the Doubles Knockout page.

Summer Mini League 2019

Congratulations to the Mini League Winners 2019:
The Florist

and the Mini League Runners Up 2019:
The Spot On 'A'

Mini League Results

Mini League Fixtures 2019

Final Mini League Tables

Mini League Tables 2019

There are two mini leagues of six teams.
The winners and runners up of these leagues will compete on the grand final night.
Each team will play the other teams in their league home and away.
In the league stages each match is the best of nine frames of singles.
The matches consist of 3 sets of 3 frames.
Within each set three different players have to be used.
(Though a player can play in one, two or all three sets.)
A team can thus play a match with any number between 3 and 9 different players.
Two players can not play each other more than once in a match.
The subs from the June and July meetings will be used to create a mini-league prize pot.

Team sheets for the mini league can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

WFPL 2020 Registration

The following teams have registered for the 2020 season:

The Florist
The Forest 'A'
The Forest 'B'
The Jubilee
La Plata 'A'
La Plata 'B'
The Riverside
The Spot On
The Staffordshire

2019 Annual General Meeting

J. Jefford-Flewitt was re-elected to the post of WFPL chairman.

R. Carroll was elected to the post of WFPL vice chairman.

The elected members of the disputes committee for the 2018 season will be:
S. Rudge (Spot On 'A')
P. Flewitt (Forest 'A')
I. Halliday (Riverside)

Registration is £20 for the 2020 season.
There will be a £5 subscription per meeting.
Entry to the Singles Knockout has increased to £2 per entrant.
Entry to the Andrew Hulley Doubles Knockout has increased to £4 per entered pair.

League meetings will now be held on the second Thursday of the month.

The following proposal was made by the Staffordshire:
After a foul the ball can be played from anywhere behind the line.
The motion was denied.

Registration will be held on 13/01/20 at the Spot On.

The season is planned to start on 20/01/20.

The following teams attended the AGM:
The Florist
The Forest 'A'
La Plata 'A'
La Plata 'B'
The Jubilee
The Riverside
The Spot On
The Staffordshire

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